Body Shot Boxing Club

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                     Open 364 days a year - Boxing Classes & Days a week

                     $65 a month for 52 Boxing 101 Classes - Sign up TODAY!

                    $70 a month for 12 Boxing 202 Program and 40 Boxing 101

                 $50 a month for gym - FULL access to equipment and facilities

        Coed Adult Boxing Classes - Youth Program - MMA - Amatuer Boxing

               New Club Hours for January, Monday - Thursday Noon - 9pm 

Club Hours: 
Monday - Thursday 
Noon - 8pm 
Friday: Noon 7pm 
Saturday: 9am - 2pm 
Sunday: 9am - Noon

         Home of the   
University of Chicago             Boxing Team 
Home of the De La Salle Boxing Team 
Adult Class - Youth Program - MMA - Amateur - Professional - Open Sparring 
Body Shot Boxing Club plays host to the OFFICIAL WEIGH IN for the Golden Boy Promotions and 8 Count Productions boxing show. 

"This was definitely a statement. I want my fighters to be part of big shows and big events. I was a honor to have some of the biggest names in boxing at our club. I have lots planned in the future." - RIck Ramos 

Congratulations to Team Quezada on a 4th round TKO - Quezada now moves to 2 -0 (2ko's) 

In attendance: Ronnie Shields, Danny Garcia, Joe "Hoss" Janik, Marcus Watson, Jose Felix Quezada.

Watch a short film about how the night(s) go down! Enjoy!
Body Shot Boxing Club News:

Congratulations to the Body Shot Boxing Team for having 5 people (4 girls) in the Golden Glove finals - April 10,11,12th!!  Please come out to support us!!!  

Scott Gecas 156lbs Master
Charise Horn 178lbs Sr. Novice
Jessica Mccaskill 141lbs Open
Elsa Rodriguez 141lbs Sr. Novice
Vixkie Williams 119lb Open

Sign up today to start training for up coming fights!

Class News:

Stop in for a FREE BOXING 101 CLASSClasses are held daily. All classes are coedPlease come 10 min before class time. See you soon!! 

This is a fun and excited way to lose weight. 
         NO Contracts
Stop in for a FREE class tomorrow Tuesday, March 19th at 7pm. Please come 10 minutes before class. 
Parents - Parents - Parents - Parents 

Now you can get shape too!  Sign your child up for the Youth Boxing Program and use our gym to work out while they wait for only $20 extra a month. Gym access is only available during the Youth Boxing Program hours only: Monday - Friday 4:30 - 5:30 and Saturday 11an - Noon.   This offer does not include Boxing 101. Feel free to ask any questions…    This is a great time to not only get your child involved but you can stay fit as well. 

Thank you, 
The Body Shot Boxing Team 
Meet Elsa Rodriguez:

Elsa was a member of our Boxing 101 program for 1 year.  She has lost 50lb, fought amateur fight a looks to to make a BIG statement August 22nd as she will fight her 2nd fight!

"Elsa was someone that I didnt think wanted to fight. She worked hard and started sparring with the guys. Once I saw she was able to hold her own, I knew it was time for her to fight. I am proud of her and I think she will give the women in her weight class BIG PROBLEMS. I look forward to working with her to WIN a Golden Glove Title in 2014."  - Rick Ramos
Chicago 2014 Mudderella is coming! 

May 31st at Richmond Hunting Club. Courses are 5-7 miles and include 12-15 obstacles. This race is designed to test all around fitness. It helps to be a good runner, but you don't have to be a trained marathon runner in order to be a mudderella. You can go through the course at your own speed. If you are not comfortable with an obstacle, you can skip it. Mudderella training starts TODAY at Body Shot Boxing Cluband will continue every Sunday from 11am to 12pm. Each class is $5.00 for members and $10.00 for non-members.
Adult Boxing Classes - Youth Program - MMA - Amatuer Boxing
Adult Boxing Classes - Youth Program - MMA - Amatuer Boxing
Body Shot Boxing Club and Sam Colonna Boxing Club TIE for the number 1 GYM in the first annual "Battle of the Boxing Clubs!"

Congrats to ALL the fighters who participated!!!  Special thank you coaches: Bravo and Rick Ramos 

Members of both gym were students of the BOXING 202 programs offered by both clubs.